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Whistle & Run.
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Fireworks on Water Surface, (Tokyo, Japan) by Takeyuki Morioka 

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Hiroko Masuko “Bonsai “  Beautifully Detailed Drawings

Bonsai is a central theme to my work.   Bonsai is the art form of planting trees in a pot and creating a microcosmic scene of nature. It consists of multiple layers of various elements. The size of a pot determines how much trees can grow.  Branches and trunks which grow freely are shaped artificially with wires. To create the natural-looking, white, dead branches and trunk, a skilled craftsman uses deadwood technique to kill some parts of them with chemicals or a chisel knife. Natural plants which grow in various directions do not have a specific front side obviously. However, in Bonsai there is a front side, which means there is a painterly element to them. Bonsai is created intentionally this way.  Bonsai is the collaborative result of natural beauty and artistic work by a human, a combination I am deeply attracted to.


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